The Girls Team show their excitement upon the arrival of the new academy bus

The Academy has through the generous funding of the ATD Foundation acquired a bus to transport players to and from matches. This will go a long way in reducing transport costs when playing matches in away towns and villages. This is a step in the right direction as our teams have to travel as far as 300 kilometers for regional league and tournament matches.

The kids giddy with anticipation as they await to receive newly acquired boots

The ATD Foundation has managed to acquire soccer boots through donations and sponsorship which were given to the boys and girls of the Academy. The youths at the field were excited to receive the boots that make it easier for them to hone their talents and thrive in sport. A vote of thanks is extended to everyone who played a part in getting this equipment to them. The academy has a successful program for Girls and Boys who are thriving in local competitions.

Every donation made goes towards the building and development of the youths at the academy. Besides football, they are engaged in progressive activities that help them grow into responsible, successful and healthy adults. We see football as a scapegoat from bad vices and also use it to inculcate good morals, sexual education, HIV/AIDS awareness, literacy, education, gender equality and life skills in our youths.

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