IMPACT (old)

The LYFA centres its approach around education, character development and women’s empowerment. By working to drive social change we hope to build a stronger and more resilient environment.


As part of the player contract, the club has agreed to pay for full time education up to Secondary School for any player who is unable to afford otherwise. By promoting education alongside football coaching we are ensuring that every player gets a fair opportunity in life. We always respect the need for education and encourage players to sit for exams even on match days.


Players are currently funded through school


Alongside our football program we want to inspire players to become future leaders of their generation. By giving them leadership opportunities in their local communities we are creating agents for change that can further develop grassroots football.


We want to work towards creating a more inclusive, gender equal world. By empowering women, we are meeting the challenge of poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance through equal opportunities for women and men alike.


Girls are currently part of the academy