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“The Education Program”

As part of our core values, youths that are of school age are required to be actively attending school, and those that are unable to afford it are sponsored by the academy. They are sponsored through to grade 12.

“Nutrition Program”

After a football match or training, it is common knowledge that ones energy levels are replenished. We provide a meal to all our 87 players after every training session so that they do not go home hungry. As athletes, they need proper nutrition in order to reach their full potential.

“Tackle Africa Program”

We engage in an initiative known as Tackle Africa in which some of the academy players are trained as peer educators that are deployed into communities to raise sexual health awareness through football drills with embedded messages. This way, youths are empowered with knowledge in a fun interactive way. Football as a medium provides a safe space for the youths to open up and start a dialogue.

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