Youth and child development are some of our core values. We seek to develop our young boys and girls in multiple aspects of their lives. The academy strives to develop its youths through periodic workshops and training.


Educating our youths on sexual health through football drills and exercises. This is an important factor in order to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS among youths, and also to empower the girl child to avoid and prevent early marriages and pregnancies.


Advocacy for equal rights for women. We firmly believe woman are equals to men and can engage in any activities undertaken by a man, including profession, authority and sport! Furthermore 2019 will be the birth year of an Under – 15 women football league in Zambia’s Southern Province, the first of its kind.


As part of the player contract, the club has agreed to pay for full time education up to Secondary School for any player that cannot afford it. By promoting education alongside football coaching we are ensuring that every player gets a fair opportunity in life. We always respect the need for education and encourage players to sit for exams even on match days.