It was in 2013 that Evans Muyunda, the club Chairman, decided to form an official football team after spending much of his free time watching young talented players in his local village of Dambwa.

Many of the football players in this poverty stricken neighbourhood were street kids and orphans who hadn’t had an opportunity in life. Having seen the state of the pitch they played on he decided to inquire in the local area to find a better facility and eventually found premises in a school on the outskirts of Livingstone. The Young Boys FC began to take shape and through hard training and commitment to the game, in 2015 they finally managed to get affiliated by the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) and were entered into the 3rd division of the Southern Province.

The team were progressing well but with no official sponsorship in place, sourcing funds to buy kit, basic equipment and transport to games was getting difficult. Fortunately, in June 2017, Oliver Brendon, CEO of ATD Travel Services, was on a trip with his company to visit some of the charity projects they had funded and was introduced to the team by a mutual contact. On seeing the talent of the Young Boys FC and the abject poverty of the living conditions of some of these boys , Oliver made a commitment to help support the club financially to give them an opportunity to stay in the league and continue in their success.

Having formed a good relationship with Evans, it was decided that the club should register as an official Zambian charity so that the ATD Foundation could ensure donations are being used in a way that would benefit the club and the wider community.

” We provide coaching and training six days a week and assist all our players to gain valuable life skills, an education and character development,  as well as to provide a professional route for talented new players.”

In December 2017, the football club registered as an official charity as the Livingstone Youth Football Academy (LYFA). As a not-for-profit we are ensuring that we harness the power of football to bring about positive social change and nurture talent. Evans established the academy with a passionate commitment and vision to address an important need in Livingstone.

Dedicated to youth reaching their full potential, the Livingstone Youth Football Academy takes them on a powerful journey from scoring goals to achieving life goals where individuals, families and communities thrive.