February 15, 2020

Mandiya 0 Livingstone Youth FA 15

Both teams during inspection.

What a wonderful game with the ladies from Mandiya. Enabling us to once again start the weekend on a high note. The team showed exemplary teamwork, collaboration and discipline . Therefore bringing back a 0 – 15 score with Livingstone Youth FA in the lead.

Their individual abilities and their abilities as a team were great. Every player granted a platform to show case their gifts and that they did. With a goal after goal from several of the players with only a few minutes apart till a 0 – 15 was attained. The girls determination and drive to become the best they can be has been tremendous.

The Mandiya girls team showed great potential and we hope for nothing but the best for them as they advance in their football careers.

February 16, 2020

Livingstone Youth FA 0 Young Pirates 0

Some of the Livingstone Youth FA players on bench with its coaches Stafford and Choolwe.
Some of the Young Pirates on bench with their coach.

The referee was a highlight of yet another game at Mulwani school grounds, as Livingstone Youth FA were forced to settle for a 0-0 draw in a game against Young Pirates on Sunday 16 February, 2020.

They went head to head with the Young Pirates. Both teams in it to win. Livingstone Youth managed to showcase great defense, 6 shots on target and about 7 shots off target. But it was not our day.

That was indeed one of the most disappointing ways of officiating with whistles and yellow cards disrupting the flow of the game. It was no surprise to see a loss of morale as the game progressed. One could imagine it was quiet demoralizing for the guys in the field.

Not loosing sight of the agenda, the boys were able to play to the best of their abilities and come back with a 0 – 0. even though it isn’t as impressive, it will see Livingstone Youth go five matches undefeated.

Another weekend seen through. It was quiet an interesting one. We hope next weekend brings a better outcome for us. Hopefully one that will leave us at six games undefeated since the game against Zesco Vicfalls team.

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