Simonga United vs Livingstone Youth FA Girls ( FAZ women’s premiere league).

Last weekend we were in Simonga. Ready and excited to face our rivals Simonga United. with songs of joy and declared victory we went in ready to do our best. And our best we did. Despite the unfavorable weather conditions that had our players struggling to keep their footing. The rain poured making the place muddy and slippery but still we persevered. Our players with alot of dedication and determination managed to come back with a 0 – 12 victory, with Livingstone Youth in the lead.

They worked as a team and scored goal after goal. Our newcomer lungowe taking lead with the number of goals scored. It was an incredible game.

Livingstone Youth FA vs Blue Arrows ( FAZ Division one)

As the week came to the beginning of another week. Sunday came and we faced another rival team during the derby. We were ready and excited but we may have under estimated our rival. after an intense battle of wills we completed the 90′ game with draw 0 – 0 against the blue arrows.

Sadly for the Livingstone Youth FA penalties where introduced. leaving us at a loss, and Blue Arrows at a win with a 4 – 5 penalty score. An intense game it was. What a weekend.

Once again we are grateful for the weekend that we had and we just hope for the best in the next games. Hopefully it will be another weekend to remember.

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