From the 13th of January to the 17th of January LYFA in affiliation with Tackle Africa and ATD. Held a peer education drill training. This training comprised of Football drills done to address football challenges, give football lessons and illustrate how the drills can also relate to other life lessons. The lessons are:

  The importance of knowing where you can get support in case of any safeguarding incident. You must report any safe guarding incidents to the relevant authorities or call 116 or 933. There so many networks available for one to receive help.

Also learnt is how different genders should work as a team. And how this teamwork would help address the gender inequality and challenge gender roles. It emphasized that our gender should not dictate who we are and stereotypes must be challenged.

There so many reliable sources such as clinics, NGOs’s and health care professionals who have knowledge about HIV. We must know the truth about HIV. Knowledge about HIV enables us to protect ourselves from getting infected, reduce stigma faced by HIV patients.

Prevention of HIV, STI’s and unwanted pregnancies is the message. In a sexual relationship, you must use a condom consistently and correctly to do this. condoms are an essential part of HIV prevention. There are male and female condoms. but male condoms are commonly used.

It is important to know the truth about HIV and in turn educate other about the truth to ensure the community has the correct information on HIV. This workshop is a step in this direction because peers were trained and prepared to become peer educators.

Partners need to make decisions together about sexual relationship (for example on things like when to have sex, use contraception and test for STI’s) reduces the risk of HIV and STI’s and creates a healthier relationship.

ARVs you must take them as prescribed. ARV’s help reduce the amount of viruses in your body, therefore boosting your immune system. It is meant for those living with HIV.

Couples living with HIV and Discordant couples need to make a healthy choice when conceiving. Reliable sources will advise them that there is medical advice and treatment available to reduce the chances of HIV being passes from the parents to their baby.

People need to understand that there are many factors that put us at risk of contracting HIV, but they are not always clear. If we have ever put ourselves at risk, we must test for HIV as soon as possible. Voluntary counselling and testing (VCT)/ HIV testing and counselling (HTC) helps us do this. Everyone should know his or her HIV status. Whether found positive or negative, knowing your status will allow you to take steps to live a healthy life. HIV message advises on the knowledge of different clinical services. There are a wide range of clinical services available in order for young people to take control of their sexual health. Each young person has the right to choose what services are right for them.

            Correct and consistent condom use prevents you from contracting HIV and STI’s, as well as preventing unplanned pregnancy. If you have an STI, you are more likely to contract HIV.

Peers Discussing issues involving HIV.

Its bad enough that people are dying of aids. But no one should die of ignorance.

It is important to know the different methods of family planning, so you can make an informed choice to prevent unintended pregnancy. Methods such as barrier method, hormonal, emergency, intrauterine devices, natural and permanent where discussed. 

Take PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis), if you are negative and have unprotected sex, you must go to the clinic immediately and ask for PEP. PEP must be taken within 72 hours and for 28 days. It is not a substitute for condom use. Spread the word, HIV message is concerned with Partner, family and friend testing. Advice is to encourage your sexual partners and friends to get tested. The more people who know their status, the more we can limit the spread of HIV.

At the end of our training we received an evaluation to monitor the success of the workshop. All we can say is we are ready to definitely spread the word and share all we learnt. This training was meant to make us knowledgeable about HIV, family planning, VCT/HCT and gender stereotypes and in turn help us share correct information as peer educators.

Awareness goes a long way.

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