LYFA yesterday had a home fixture against East Lands as it was a battle between the top two teams on the league table.

Both teams came into the match with an unnerving hunger for a victory in order to secure first place in the last match of the first leg.

LYFA came into the match slow failing to come create chances that could eventually lead to a goal. East Lands also had it rough taking play into the LYFA danger zone.

The first chance came 12 minutes into the game when East Lands were awarded a ranged free kick which was not capitalized and was played out of the field of play. LYFA saw their first opportunity of the game from a free kick as well which was not well and was cleared by a firm East Lands defense.

LYFA had a second chance to score in the 30th minute after a well worked build up play led to a strike that went inches wide of the top corner.

The first half had very little action which proved that both teams were well matched for each other.

The second half saw both teams stepping up their game and searching for those goals with a renewed determination. East Lands came in hungrier but were constantly stopped by a confident LYFA defense. This was the order of business for both camps, LYFA could not find a way through the East Lands defense.

After a failed attempt to work their way to score, LYFA were awarded a corner kick. Kasaila was able to net the resulting cross with a firm header that left the keeper stunned. Now down by one goal, East Lands tried to turn up the pressure on the home team but were unable to find the back of the net.

Final score was 1-0 in LYFA’s favor, thus retaining first position in the league and putting the boys 4 points ahead of runners up East Lands.

By Kennan Zulu

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