There were a lot of mixed feelings about the game considering our first match was an away match against a team we know very little about.

It was an intense first half that began with Choma being on the front foot. In as early as the second minute of the game, Choma was on the attack and won a mid-range free kick that was shot into the wall of defenders.

LYFA had their first attempt 6 minutes into when Lawrence took a shot at goal which went wide. The game pressed on with Choma pressurizing LYFA and in the 15th minute, Choma nearly went ahead when their striker took a chance from range which was deflected onto the crossbar by the man in between the post Bwalya.

The home side kept the pressure up and in the 16th minute managed to get passed the defense and tap into the back of the net a loose ball that was parried by Bwalya.

The game was not without action from both sides as Kasaila’s strike was tipped over the bar by the home side keeper resulting in a 27th minute corner. LYFA kept up the pressure putting Choma on the defensive which ended up in a penalty through a handball in the 18 yard box. Lawrence made no mistake with the penalty as he put LYFA back in the game by evening the scores to one a-piece.

The LYFA team pressed on to try and beat Choma but the keeper kept out Kasaila’s next effort. Lawrence was cleared into space through a nice chipped pass leaving him in a one on one situation with the keeper but his chipped attempt went well over the bar leaving the scores tied at one all  at half time.

The second half began with a goal as LYFA won a corner in the 47th minute which was converted into a goal just moments later in the 48th minute. Starford put his name on the scoresheet when he struck the loose ball neatly into the net.

Choma started the half with a revived strength and also pressed on for an equalizer but to no avail. After a few tactical changes to the LYFA side, the team seemed to contain Choma despite Choma getting close to scoring on a number of occasions. Full time score was Choma 1 and LYFA 2 which signifies the teams first victory under coach Serge and the first of the season.

The game saw Kelvin Malambo picking up a head injury and a total of 4 yellow cards received by LYFA.

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