After an intense start to the year which saw a new head coach being introduced, tensions were high as to how the team can progress and achieve more than it did in the past despite its impressive record.

New team coach Serge Mumba had one tremendous task in shaping the team in his image in just a few weeks leading up to the beginning of the 2019 Southern A Division II league. With only 3 friendly fixtures to assess the team, Serge had a huge task in selecting a squad that can overcome an eager Choma side.

The coach selected the following players to camp:
Laston Bwalya, Kelvin Banda, Mizhi Chinyama, Emmanuel Mukwiza, Redson Siabbodo, Kelvin Malambo, Laban Situli, Chimuka Mainza, Andrew Kasaila, Starford Chama, Davis Subuni, Cletus Mulenga, Jeff Mulao, Robson Muloongo, Mwewa Moyo, Lawrence Mungala, Sitali Mukubesa, Bernard Mweemba.

Starting line up is as follows:

  1. Laston Bwalya
  2. Kelvin Banda
  3. Mizhi Chinyama Brighton
  4. Redson Siabbodo
  5. Emmanuel Mukwiza
  6. Chimuka Mainza
  7. Lawrence Mungala
  8. Laban Situli
  9. Andrew Kasaila
  10. Starford Chama
  11. Davis Subuni

Anticipations abound as we build up to the game.

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