Livingstone Youth 3-2 Yara: As it happened

LYFA 3 – 2 Yara

The boys managed to hold off a battling Yara to take all 3 points from their away game last weekend.


Everything looked well when Cletus fired fired us into the lead with the teams third goal of the game in the 62nd minute. Kasaila and Mwewa had earlier struck twice in 15 minutes during the first half to give the lead. Yara ripped up the script in the second half, scoring two past a frustrated Bwalya.

Ten minutes later, the boys once again found their composure and it was 3 -2. Yara forced forwards, searching for a desperate equaliser but thankfully there were no gaps in the defense as the team held for a well deserved victory. Philip Tembo praised his side, “I’m happy with the team who adapted really well to the forceful attacking of the opponents. It was a very physical game and we were lucky to only come away with only a few minor injuries.”

Livingstone Youth’s streak of 9 games without a loss continues…

Written by Josias Soko – Secretary

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