Livingstone Youth 0-0 Zambeef: Kasaila misses late penalty

LYFA 0 – 0 Zambeef

It was somewhat of cagey opening to the game which could perhaps be attributed to the teams wariness of their opponents attacking potency. Both teams set out to prove themselves after a nil-nil draw earlier in the season.


An early instance of retrieving the ball back high up the pitch offered encouragement to LYFA. Kasaila dragged a shot wide after a similar attempt by Mwewa in the fourth minute. Labban lofted a through ball played to find the darting run of Kasaila down the centre was over-hit by a fraction. Zambeef having been on the back foot, then regained an element of control by keeping possession for lengthy spells. Their ability to hold the ball in the mid-field disrupted the formation of the LYFA forwards.  There was an appeal for a penalty from the visitors when their striker went down under a challenge by Redson. The visitors team enjoyed the majority of the ball for the remainder of the half there were no meaningful attempts on goal at either end before the break.

There was more apparent urgency to LYFA work immediately after the restart at the other end. The first break in the second half came from Kasaila who nipped in ahead of Mizhi’s searching pass, but cleared the bar with his shot. There was drama in the 76th minute when Kasaila was awarded a penalty after a clumsy slide tackle. Unfortunately, it he sent the penalty into the Mulwani classes. With 30 minutes remaining Philip introduced Cletus for Kasaila and soon had a half-chance to make another telling contribution from the bench.

Livingstone Youth still hold on to their position as second in the League.

Written by Josias Soko – Secretary

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