LYFA produce a professional display at Stado De Mulwani with a convincing 2-0 victory over Gweembe United

LYFA 2 – 0 Gweembe United
LYFA looked to get out the blocks quickly at with Kasaila and Mwewa both presenting good chances in the opening stages. Livingstone Youth continued to probe against a resolute, busy, Gweembe United defense who have conceded only 3 goals in their last 5 games. Mwewa tried his luck after turning in the box in 15 minutes sending his right footed shot just wide.

Philip Tembo had watched his side create chance after chance in the first half before the boys finally took the lead in 35 minutes when Lawrence played a beautiful ball from deep in the midfield, which was carefully flicked in by Mwewa in an inch perfect effort into the far right corner.IMG_8145

The second half saw plenty of finesse and fitness with Jerry darting towards the goal, breezing past the opposition defense before feeding in a solid cross to the feet of Lawrence who put the ball through the keepers legs.

Such was the strength  of the Livingstone bench, Head Coach Philip replaced Mwewa with Cletus, Sitali later replaced Davis and Sililo replaced Kasaila for the final 10 minutes. .

A comfortable much needed win, with plenty of positives; next up East Lands at home.

Written by Josias Soko – Secretary

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