LYFA left frustrated as gap for first place widens

LYFA 0 – 0 Yara United
The Young Boys are left sitting eight points behind top of the table, Blue Arrows after another day of wasted chances at Mulwani School ground.
LYFA endured another afternoon of frustration as Yara defended their way to a goalless draw. The visitors sat deep with 5 players holding the back line causing Philip Tembo’s side looking for a way past the massed ranks of YARA defense.
The visiting goalkeeper was tested a couple of times in the first half and made a fine save to deny Lawrance of an opening goal. Kasaila and Kelvin Malambo sent efforts just wide

There were no surprises during the first half, whether that be in the LYFA line up or manner in which the home side dominated possession over Yara to park the proverbial bus.
Despite some imaginative plays there just seemed to be a lack of coordination in the midfield which left the strikers with little goal scoring opportunities. The closest effort saw Sililo trying to reach a well lofted chip to the far post from Lawrance that went just over his head.  In the air, Mizhi and then Emmanuel both headed over corners during injury time.  The outcome of the game was long since inevitable and neither team managed to get lucky.

Written by Josias Soko – Secretary

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