George and Kasaila see off Show Stars FC

LYFA 2-0 Show Stars

Livingstone Youth Football Academy recorded two successive victories as Show Stars were beaten 2-0 at Mulwani, Livingstone.


LYFA got the contest under way looking to build upon their last two consecutive wins. The home team made an an enterprising start to proceedings, with just eight minutes gone when the oposition goal keeper saved a brilliant shot from right back, Mizhi. Mwewa pounced on the rebound and attempted to steer it into the near post, but the goal keeper managed to save it again. Seconds later Laban threatened again hooking a half-volley wide of the upright from 10 yards after Lawrance’s run from the left. But Show Stars resistance was broken within 45 minutes when George scored a brilliant free kick.

The second half picked up where the first had left off, with LYFA in complete control. Emmanuel narrowly cleared the crossbar with a drive from distance, however chances were proving more difficult to come by as he opponents regrouped. Nevertheless the pressure finally paid off in the 78th minute when Kasaila converted his second goal of the season. LYFA become less frequent as the match neared its end, with LYFA happy to keep Show Stars at arms length and protect their two-goal lead. And it was this approach that helped Philip to see out the final moment of the match in a calm fashion and pick up three well deserved points.

After eight games into the season LYFA Senior Boys A stand in a solid second position in the FAZ Division Two Southern League.

Written by Josias Soko – Secretary

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