LYFA held to goalless stalemate by a defensive Chisubo

LYFA Senior Boys A 0 – 0 Chisubo

This week saw the team travelling 200km to Chisubo for their 6th game of the season.

After an energetic kick-off, it only took 5 minutes before LYFA Striker Gerald Slilo spurned an early chance from a well constructed set play. The manner in which he raced clear of Chisubo high defensive line appeared to lead the coach of Chisubo to instruct his back line to drop deeper making it harder for the boys to get through. Subsequently, the boys found it difficult to score and shortly before halftime came the closest attempt to make the breakthrough.


Philip tweaked the system at half time, with the team switching to just three at the back and Mizhi and Jeff operating as wing backs.

Immediately there was more urgency in their passing, although unpicking the lock of an increasingly deep Chisubo defense was proving tough. Kasaila and Robson were introduced from the bench midway through the half and the latter was soon in a action heading straight to the goal keeper from a lofted cross from Robson before Kasaila drilled wide from distance and one point nearly turned to three for LYFA but the game eventually ended stalemate. But despite the disappointment of seeking two point’s slip away, LYFA are in control of their own destiny in terms of the race for top four.

Written by Josias Soko – Secretary

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