Senior Boys Forge 3-0 Lead Over Flying Eeagles

LYFA Senior Boys A 3 – 0 Flying Eagles

Mwewa Moyo’s latest attacking masterclass helped to established a 3-0 lead in Mazabuka.
Mwewa was the chief destroyer against the Flying Eagles when he scored in the opening 40 minutes which was shortly followed by a well thought out play by Samu Bwalya who’s quick first touch freed Laban who sprinted away but lifted his shot just over the bar.


After a motivational talk by the Head Coach, Philip, the boys saw more success when Kasaila was in the perfect position to meet James Shifwati’s through ball to deliver a straight shot outside the box that reached the back of the net in the 52nd minute. The goal brought courage to Shifati who had been struggling to finish in recent games.

It was a similar story at the 77 minute mark when Jerry was fouled just outside the 18 yard box. Jeff Mulao went on to score brilliant free kick, placed perfectly inside the far post which left the keeper standing.

Even with the comfortable lead, the boys continued attacking until the final whistle.

Written by Josias Soko – Secretary

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