LYFA Senior Boys Start Strong

LYFA 3 – 0 Young Pirates

The Senior Boys Team moved to second in the league as they earned a
hard fought 3-0  win over Young Pirates on Sunday.

Right from the whistle the boys showed their dominance on the pitch right from the start with a brilliant goal coming from Lawrence Mungala within the first 2 minutes of kick off. The second goal came from Luban Situli assisted by Mwewa Moyo (Lacazzate) in 10th minute and the last goal came from Sumu Bwalya assisted by Jeef Mulao in 18th minute.


The team maintained the lead in the second half and left the opposing team with little opportunity. LYFA Head Coach Philip Tembo reported, “We contained the players well and even put pressure on the Young Pirates right until the last whistle. If we can play like this every week we will have a real fighting chance this season”.
The Senior Boys will be travelling to Mazabuka to face Flying Eagles who are bottom of the league this coming Sunday.

The league for the LYFA U15 Girls Team is scheduled to start this weekend.

Written by Josias Soko – Secretary

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