Senior Boys A Dig Deep for a Draw

LYFA 1 – 1 Chikankata Diggers

The first away game of the season saw the Senior Boys A team travel 400km to face their opponents.

In the first half  the team tried a new 4-3-3 defensive formation to keep the Diggers midfield contained, and then pushed up for the second half to put the pressure on.

Jerry Sindowe assisted Davis Sabbuni with a through ball from the left side who then slotted the ball away past the keeper.


Phillip Tembo seemed frustrated but reported that, “In the first half we generally played well and managed to contain their team. At half time I told the players to focus and push forwards to attack. It was great to see a young player like Davis score and I think he has a lot of potential for the season. It was really unfortunate to be awarded with a controversial penalty against us in the 90th minute, but that’s just the nature of the game sometimes. We will keep our heads up and prepare for the home game next week.”

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